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Forest Therapy meets Foraged Feast

Join us for a Forest Therapy meets Foraged Feast experience! Susan Bickford, Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Botanist/Forager Rachel Alexandrou will lead you in an exploration and sharing along a tidal river in Mid- Coast Maine. We will slow down, open our senses as a part of the experience and identify edible plants along the way. We will cover a short physical distance walking (under a mile) and include several meditative invitations to drop you into a liminal zone of noticing in a heightened way. You will be invited to partake in a surprising meal of small bites combining foraged food from our handcrafted preserves as well as what's coming to us fresh in this season from this place. This delightful meal will be prepared for you in the outdoor kitchen under the pines.


"By eating this food we become this place."

We can accommodate up to 12 guests and you should plan on 3 hours. This will be held at "The Opening Place", just south of the Reversing Falls in Newcastle, Maine. Alternatively we can bring a Feast to your neck of the woods.


Bickford and Alexandrou have been collaborating for many years, scaling their efforts, learning from each other and the place where they find themselves. This unique offering is available June - October for $1,200.00 Please reach out to Susan Bickford at to book your Forest Therapy meets Foraged Feast experience.

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